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DAD is the industry leading System Information Modelling (SIM) application to manage all of your information about power, control, communication and other systems across an assets life including technical, commercial and operational data.

DAD describes any system as a data model removing the need for masses of drawings and lists, and slashing ownership costs. DAD is simple to use and can be adopted quickly at any time during life.

A coherent system information model (SIM) provides a common platform for system life. The SIM is created in design or by importing existing system data. Then it is issued for project management and construction teams who add data concerning their work. Coordination of design and project execution radically improves. The finished system is handed over for normal operation along with the complete SIM so maintenance data is added to it. Handover information is vastly improved. All parties have escaped from mazes of paperwork to single source data.

All users work together in DAD, their actions are automatically coordinated. All activities can be planned, monitored and checked. Problems can be shared and better solutions found.

Work status, records of all activities and full history of equipment is available in DAD for life.

Because all the system data is in DAD it is possible to find answers such as:

  • How do we build this?
  • How do we operate this?
  • How do we fix this?
  • How will we modify this?

Because SIM is a replica of the system it is an infinitely better store of information than drawings and lists:

The adoption of DAD need not orphan your existing systems. You can import them to DAD as necessary at very low cost.

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