Innovation through digital engineering

FMG have been pioneering their competitive advantage within the mining industry and DAD complements many of their activities to continuously improve their efficiencies.

Business Context

The sheer size and scale of FMG’s operations require ingenious solutions to manage time, cost and quality standards in the production of iron ore, supplied around the world. FMG first embraced a centralised, digital project model to orchestrate a port expansion in 2011, which was the catalyst for a company-wide evolution towards digital integration. This has since improved the execution of multiple iron ore mining projects, including the major Solomon and Iron Bridge operations. By using DAD, FMG are able to create a single, master data source with a platform accessible to all personnel involved on a project, from design, construction, commission to operation of the electrical, control and communication systems – all working together on from the one, live plan.

Best Practice Integration

By using DAD, FMG have pioneered the evolution from a traditional, document, drawing based way of working to a modern, unified, software-based system which reduces errors, omissions and duplication while improving collaboration between departments and teams, eliminating silos. This has enabled FMG to make advances on quality and speed in delivering projects as they take a consultative-led approach. To support staff in the use and delivery of the new software approach, FMG has embedded a digital engineering solutions expert within the organisation to ensure smooth, optimal performance of this modern way of operating.

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